Registered Professional Turner

Woodturning Artist - Great Chart, Kent

Ed Oliver RPT

Registered Professional Turner


Ed Oliver Woodturning Artist

Hi I’m Ed Oliver, back in November 2013 I discovered Woodturning and what a life changing thing this was to discover. In 2016 I was awarded the AWGB Approved Tutor badge. This has led to me getting involved with the AWGB youth training program, I ran the first of these courses at my studio in February 2017.

On the 21st of September 2017 I was accepted on to the Register of Professional Turners. This is a great honor as there are only around 200 people registered in the UK today.

I started my woodturning at home in a converted garage workshop. In 2015, we had a fully equipped studio built at our home in Great Chart, Kent. It’s from here that I now teach the art of woodturning and enhancing your work. I also travel around various clubs demonstrating the art of woodturning.

This is not my first foray with wood, I started my working life as a furniture maker so have always had a love of wood, but woodturning just has something else about it.

Spending time with some of the country’s leading woodturners I’ve learned many new techniques. I took up teaching woodturning to pass these skills on to others.

My work is quite varied I love wood and it’s natural beauty but I have also found that enhancing the wood with colours, carving and texturing has opened up many new avenues in my woodturning. Because of this I would describe myself as a woodturning artist.

Hobbyist or professional I’m always happy to chat about woodturning. I’m also a strong supporter of the Woodturning community, getting to know people in person and online who share the passion for this creative and rewarding craft.

I’ve been lucky, managing to have various pieces of my work featured in the associated press.

Nowadays I sell my work via galleries, craft shows and my home studio and am happy to undertake commissions for people.

One of my goals is to bring in a new generation of Woodturners by making it more accessible for younger people to try.

Well that’s enough about me.

All the best


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