Learn to Turn Woodturning Courses

Woodturning Lessons in Kent

Woodturning Courses

Learn to Turn at my custom built studio situated in the beautiful Kent countryside.

Sadly Due to the current situation I’m not taking any bookings until I think it’s safe to do so

Looking to try woodturning? I am a member of the Register of Professional Turners (RPT) and a AWGB Approved Tutor with a fully equipped studio nestled in the outskirts of Great Chart surrounded by rural life. Here I create my work and run woodturning lessons for all.


Ed Oliver RPT

Learn to Turn pens over a short 1/2 day course or take a woodturning course over one or two days to learn spindle or bowl turning. Or you might already have been woodturning for a while and like to explore hollow form turning. Woodturning Courses can be for either one or two people and are tailored to suit your ability.

Learn to Turn safely with a woodturning lesson designed to suit your requirements, from basic woodturning skills to more advance.

Learn to Turn and create something beautiful that you will be proud to own.

Bowl Turning Course

Learn to Turn a bowl or improve the finish you get from your tools.

Bowls are great fun to make and beautiful to live with. Make your own bowl for decoration or daily use. Why not use it as centrepiece for others to admire.

Click this link for further info and to book your Bowl Turning Course.

Hollow Form Turning Course

Creating Hollow Forms is one my favourite projects.

On a hollow form course you will learn how to use the various hollowing tools and techniques.

We will discover how to feel and listen to the hollowing tool as it cuts the wood and tells you when something is not right.

Click this link for further info and to book your Hollow Form Turning Course.

Platter Turning Course

Horse Chestnut Platter

Platters are fun, you can do so much with a large surface.

The platters woodturning course will show you how to mount your work on the lathe and get the finishing cuts that you need to get the best result.

If you’re up for it we could even do some decorating.

Click this link for further info and to book your Platter Turning Course.

Woodturning tools and supplies online

Olivers Woodturning supplies tools and consumables for Woodturners throughout Europe. We offer products from Robert Sorby, Ashley Iles, Simon Hope, Rotur and other top manufacturers.

Colouring and Design Course

Coloured Display Bowl

Colouring and Design Course working with media and tools to enhance your work.

Welcome to the new age of woodturning.

In recent years woodturning has moved on in leaps and bound. We carve, colour and enhance our work in many different ways creating art. Working with the wood to find its hidden beauty.

Click this link for further info and took book your Colouring and Design Course.

Pen Turning Course

Book a half day Pen Turning Course with Ed Oliver

Pen Turning Course run for 3 hours and at the end of the course you leave with your own hand made pen.

Enjoy the fun in making a pen for yourself or as a special gift for someone else.

Click this link for further info and to book your Pen Turning Course.

Spindle Turning Course

Light 3

On the Spindle Turning Course you will learn how to turn between centres. This opens up the world of turning table lamps, candle sticks or art based pieces.

Spindle turning is the basis for many other woodturning projects which will lead to many hours of woodturning enjoyment.