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Colouring and Design Course to enhance your woodturning.

Enhancement of your woodturning.

This is a big movement in the world of woodturning, there are so many different ways that we can enhance our work. From just simply adding colour to carving and texturing the piece.

Colouring and design can take a turned piece wood from that’s nice to being the star of the show. There are many techniques that can be applied to our turned pieces.

Then we start exploring what we can use to create something different. We can burn, carve, pierce or texture. We can even add something to the wood to create special effects.

Once we have covered these points we get to play with colours. Using air brushes, paint brushes, spray guns or even just our hands we can open up the world of colours and design.

On the colouring and design course you can expect to try some of the many different methods I use to enhance my work. There are no limitations to what we can do.

In my fully kitted out workshop I have all the tools that we will need. So you can see what works for you.


You will not learn woodturning in this course, you are expected to be proficient already. This is about colouring and design. We will get something turned so you have at least one finished piece to take away. Hopefully you will have several test piece so you can use the ideas back in your own workshop.

Costs of the Colouring and Design Course.

One to One 320.00 per day.

Everything is included even lunch, so there no need to bring anything with you.

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