Weald of Kent Craft & Design Show

Weald of Kent Craft & Design Show Penshurst Place. Well it’s that time the first real showing of my work, I’ve put in many many hours to get to this point and now it’s that time to show a collection of piece’s in one place.

Over the past couple of years I’ve honing my skills as a woodturner and playing around with colours and different ideas. Many family and friends have encouraged me with their kind comments on what I have been able to produce on my trusty woodturning lathes.

I’ve been lucky to have two London galleries take piece’s of my work and display them and a few bits have also sold. I currently have a piece of my woodturning on exhibition with The AWGB touring show, but never have I done a craft fair such as the Weald of Kent Craft& Design Show in such a stunning setting as Penshurst Place. So it’s with a little uncertainty and a lot of excitement I’m getting everything ready and everything crossed.

So if your reading this and looking for something to do between Saturday 30th April and Monday 2nd of May why not pop along to The Weald of Kent Craft & Design Show. Penshurst Place, Penshurst, Tonbride, Kent, TN11 8DG and say Hi.

You can find out more about the weekend here http://www.penshurstplace.com/whats-on/events-and-activities