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The Hollow Form Turning Course runs over two or three days. You can learn the techniques to create that special piece of woodturning.

This course is ideal for the woodturner that has some experience in woodturning, but would like to try their hand at hollow form woodturning.

Woodturning Hollow Forms.

You will learn about shapes and designs and which hollowing tools are best suited for your project. Try many different makes of hollowing tools. You could also try out the Simon Hope hollowing jig if you would like to do so.

Which Hollow Form Turning Course is right for you.

The two day course is designed around the woodturning of hollow forms.

In three days we can have even more fun enhancing our hollow forms.

I run the hollow form turning courses over two or three days because there’s a lot to cover. Hopefully over the two days you can expect to have at least one completed hollow. Possibly you could  finish two or three hollow forms dependent on size. On a three day course we should be able to do the turning of the hollow forms and have some fun with it. Adding different types of enhancement to your work if you would like to do so. This could be burning, colouring, texturing or all three.

You will learn safe turning practices. What to look out for when turning from a log. How to green turn logs and more.

Over the two or three day courses lunch and all refreshments and are provided. Lunch is normally soup and sandwiches. But if you prefer salad or good old ham, egg and chips then that’s what we will have.

I like to teach one to one because I feel this is the best way to learn but if you would like to share your lesson you’re more than welcome. Just remember there would be two of you and just one of me.

Hollow Form Course details

We would start around 9.30 and break for lunch around 12.30. The day would finish around 4.30.

Hollow form turning courses are: £400.00 one person/two days, £600.00 two people/two days.

A voucher is provided if you would like to buy someone a gift. Or once booked we can arrange a date to suit.

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