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Root to the Mighty Oak is a sculptural piece of woodturning. The amphora styled pot stands on a turned base which represents the root.

The hollowed pot is turned from Burr Oak which has been given several coats of oil finish. The Oak it self has a deep rich colour and is full of burr.

The base has been turned and carved from Horse Chestnut Burr and polished to give contrast to the piece.

There was around 20 hours work to create this piece and was titled “Root to the Mighty Oak”

The amphora styled pot can be sat on the base either way round as you can see from the pictures. The pot is completely hollow out like a vase with a flowing curve from the shoulder of the pot to the rim. Being a piece of Oak Burr it has plenty of┬ácharacter with it’s splits on the burrs and cracks.

The hand turned and carved base took the most time with the carving taking around 10 hours to get the root type feel. The Horse Chestnut Burr was chosen as with it’s brown burr pattern added to the look of the root.

Approximate sizes: Burr Oak pot 300mm long x 130mm diameter at the widest point. Horse Chestnut Burr base stands around 150mm high and has a diameter of around 150mm. The two piece’s mounted together is around 230mm high.

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Root to the Mighty Oak Woodturning and Carved