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Wormy turned from a very wood wormed piece of Horse Chestnut burr, but don’t worry it turned to around 3mm thick so there’s none left.

The natural hole is in the piece where there was a void in the burr, this makes the turning a little trickier, but I feel it’s well worth the effort as it adds so much character too the piece.

Once the Horse Chestnut burr was turned, it was coloured with blue & yellow stains giving the piece an array of colours highlighting the pattern of the burr. The piece was then finished with several coats of  CA (super glue). This will protect the colour and give a very smooth finish.

It’s called Wormy as you can see why from the picture of the base, I’ve left the worm tracks and holes as they were, so a bit of natures history is built in to this hollow form.

Wormy the little Horse Chestnut burr stand 135mm (51/4″) tall x 120mm (41/2″) in diameter at it’s widest.


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Wormy Coloured Horse Chestnut Hollow Form