Natural Yew Vase

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Natural Yew Vase
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Natural Yew Vase full of natures colours which were sitting under the bark.

This piece of Yew is full of character,  from the colours to the voids that have exposed themselves while turning this piece.

This natural Yew vase (or hollow form as us woodturners would describe it) was turned from a log of Yew as the pictures below show. The process is to first turn the shape making use of the features and colours that unfold. Once the shape is made then the process of hollowing the inside of the hollow form is undertaken to create what we have here.

The natural Yew vase as been left without any enhancement as the beauty of the wood does everything that is needed naturally.

Dimensions of this piece are 340mm tall x 250mm diameter at it’s widest with a wall thickness of around 10mm. This was left a little thicker due to the natural cracks that appear when turning Yew. All the cracks were treated with CA (super glue) while turning so they should not move.

The Piece has been finished with several layers of CA and buffed to give a glass like effect and this should secure that the natural colours of the wood last forever.

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Natural Yew Vase 350mm x 250mm