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Coloured Horse Chestnut Burr bowl mounted on a piece of the Horse Chestnut Burr that it was made from.

The bowl is around 120mm in diameter and is 50mm tall the bowl has been turned to around 2mm thick and has a completely round bottom. the total size of this piece standing on it mounting is approximately 190mm long x 120mm deep and 110mm tall.

The base has had the bark removed and then it was cleaned via sandblasting and brushes to keep in balance with the piece. The base has been finished with hard wax oil.

This piece of Horse Chestnut Burr has been left natural on the inside and coloured with blue spirit stain to the outside. The piece was then finish with CA to the outside to give a hard wearing surface and to protect the colours from fading over time. The inside of this piece has been finished with wax.

The coloured Horse Chestnut burr took around 5 hours to make and finish. It has loads of character with the depth of colours, the hole where the bark inclusion would have been. The points on the base are where the twigs would have formed causing the burr.

As with all many pieces, this is a one off  you can add the same colour to another piece of Horse Chestnut burr but due to the woods patterning the coloured stains will always look different.

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Coloured Horse Chestnut burr Bowl 120mm x 50mm