Coloured Horse Chestnut

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Coloured Horse Chestnut
Coloured Horse Chestnut 2



Coloured Horse Chestnut hollow form with African Black Wood base and finial.

This sweet little hollow form has been hand turned from a piece of Horse Chestnut burr. The burr creates the pattern and the colours that are added in many many layers.¬† I feel that this piece is enhanced by the blue’s and greens used.

The base and finial are turned from a exotic hard wood called African Black Wood. The base is fixed and the finial (top) is removable.

This coloured Horse Chestnut hollow form took around 6 hours to create and has had around 20 layers of spirit stain applied. It’s been finished with a coating that will protect the colours so they should not change over time.

The African Black Wood base and finial have a polished finish and give contrast to this piece.

Horse Chestnut burrs are one of my favorite woods to work on when using colour, the natural patternation  of the timber takes colour well and give a real depth to the colours used.

This piece stands 210mm tall with it’s base and finial and is around x 100mm in diameter

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Coloured Horse Chestnut Burr with African Black Wood