Horse Chestnut Platter

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Horse Chestnut Platter
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This platter, made from Horse Chestnut, is not for a small table as it is 650mm in diameter (that’s about 26″).

The Horse Chestnut platter has had no enhancements to the wood at all, the colours are all natural, although it does look like an artist as taken his brush and created some stunning looking colours and patterns. The way that the grey blends into the beige and merges with the other colours is something I have not seen before and will probably never see again. This is a true work of nature.

This piece was designed with a wide rim to show off the colours that were in the wood as they are so beautiful. At the edge of the bowl the rim rises to give another dimension to the piece.

It is by no means a small piece, the Horse Chestnut platter is around 650mm (approximately¬† 26″ ) in diameter and is around 35mm (approximately 1 3/8″) high. It’s been turned quite thin, but thick enough so it’s a usable piece. But why would you want to put anything in this as it would hide the beauty of the wood.

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650mm platter made from Horse Chestnut