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Two Tone



Two Tone was turned from a Horse Chestnut burr and coloured in two tones of blue.

This piece was turned to keep the natural edge of the bark running around the rim of the bowl. Then it was stained with blue spirit based dyes, the outside of the piece was done in a lighter blue to the inner giving it two different shades of blue to add more depth to the piece. Also it gave the piece it’s name Two Tone.

There are several coats of blue built up inside and out. Each coat of spirit satin is left to dry and then sanded in-between coats, this lets the dyes build up and sock in to the burr at different levels giving a real depth to the grain pattern.

The piece was then finished with six layers of CA glue which gives Two Tone a hard wearing shiny finish so the colour should not fade over time.

Two Tone stands 140mm tall and is 220mm in diameter.

Tone Tone

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Natural Edged Coloured Horse Chestnut Burr