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Pimples & Dimples Textured Hollow Form


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Pimples & Dimples Textured Sycamore Hollow Form 150mm x 130mm

Pimples & Dimples, so called due to the raised pimples and recessed dimples. This piece has been turned from a Sycamore log in two stages. It was first turned in to it’s rough shapes a few months ago and then returned to it’s finished shape.

Created with small cutting tools, this piece as over 20 hours of work put in to it. The piece as been pierced in different ways to create the effect and given light and shade on the following curve. The inside of the piece is polished wood which can be seen from the opening at the top and also through the fully pierced band around the middle.

Once Pimples & Dimples had finished under going the carving work, the high points have been highlighted with a gold to give it a rich looking effect.

This piece is around 150mm tall and as a diameter of 130mm.

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Pimples & Dimples Textured Hollow Form